Come and join us
for these interesting garden presentations:

February 1, 2016:

“Permaculture Zone Gardening”

Presenter: Michelle Hickey, Co-founder of The Resiliency Institute

Learn to garden your landscape using permaculture zones that will have you enjoying the fruits of your garden while maximizing efficiency and minimizing labor. Be prepared to shake up traditional landscaping concepts with new considerations for determining plant placement.


A load of fall apples picked by members going to Loaves and Fishes.

Our meetings are held at,
Knox Presbyterian Church of Naperville,

at 1105 Catalpa Lane,
Naperville, IL 60540,
west of Washington, south of Gartner Ave.
Please enter through the east main entrance and follow the long hallway to the Fellowship Hall (larger room to the left of the coffee bar).

Bring a friend if you wish. - Non-members are welcome.

There is no charge for attending the meeting and you need not be a member to attend.

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